Adding a windshield to a Ural can be a bit tricky. As far as I know, nobody makes an installation / mounting kit specifically for the Ural, with one exception.

The folks at Holopaw Corvette in Florida show a complete Ural package on thier website.

When I bought my Ural (used), it had one of these already fitted. It's based on a classic Slipstreamer windshield. On mine, the chrome plating isn't the greatest, but the mounting is solid and reliable; it combines handlebar clamps with struts that mount under the bolts of the headlight / speedometer bucket. I found that on mine it was necessary to add a few washers to the installation to relieve stresses on the plastic windshield itself; some of the bending curves on the metal mounting members wern't exactly right; it had a tendency to flatten out the curve of the plastic in the center of the windshield.

I've since seen a couple of so-called "universal" mounting kits, and the Holopaw kit is FAR superior IMHO.

I've found the Holopaw kit to do the job quite nicely, and it gives a retro, 1950s look to the bike.

Be advised that if you need replacement parts (the plastic windshield itself), things can get a bit interesting.

The folks at Slipstreamer have replacements, but the mounting holes on the stock plastic aren't in the right places. I had to add two new holes to make a replacement fit. Be advised that drilling thick plexiglass, especially with large diameter holes, can be tricky. Stare with very sharp, small bits, and gradually work up to the diameter of the hole you need. Let the BIT do the cutting at it's own rate; DON'T try to force it to cut faster than it wants to or you'll surely crack the plastic!

Should that happen, considering the cost of replacement windshields, the result will be that your kid who is watching you work will get a crash course in filthy language!

(info by GAVNO)